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2013 FiatRide Washington DC Auto Show

January 31 – February 10, 2013

Gordinier Group drivers traveled to the Nation’s Capital to represent the Fiat USA brand at the 2013 Washington Auto Show.

2103 Fiat 500 Abarth

Equipped with the latest offerings from Fiat (500, 500c, 500 Turbo, and the crowd-favorite Abarth), our mission was simple: to show guests a good time, give them an exhilarating ride, and educate them on this great little vehicle.
Most consumers that are new to the Fiat brand comment about how agile, quick and downright fun these iconic Italian vehicles are.

There was no shortage of people lining up for a chance to take a ride in a 500, especially the performance-oriented Abarth. Many were drawn to our booth by it’s throaty exhaust note.

The track was interesting, as it showcased the attributes that make this vehicle a segment leader. With a tight roundabout, parallel parking zone, acceleration zone, pothole simulator and several other compact agility exercises, it was easy for guests to see the advantages of driving this excellent city-friendly vehicle.

With the 500e (electric) and 500l (4-dr) on display upstairs, guests were treated to a glimpse into the bright future of the Fiat USA brand.

Abarth in action

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