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Navistar launches new International CV work truck with dealer ride and drive

November 8, 2018



It isn’t every day that we get to set up R+D courses for big, class 4 and 5 work trucks, but with last week’s launch of the new 2019 Navistar International CV truck line, Gordinier Group got to do just that.


Navistar is on the leading edge of medium-heavy duty truck manufacturers who use experiential marketing as a sales tool. In this case, dealers and media guests were invited to a CV immersion, part of which involved them getting behind the wheel of the new trucks.


Nestled in a large asphalt space between Soldier Field and McCormick Place on scenic Lake Michigan, we put together 2 courses with the guidance of Navistar engineers who had specific attributes that they wanted to show in their new truck line.


The event was very well attended – especially considering the cold windy conditions typical of November in Chicago.

Another great partner activation with the George P Johnson Company that was delivered flawlessly and on brand!

Mahindra Roxor introduced to US market at 2018 Dealer Announcement Show

Picture1The brand new Mahindra Roxor was introduced to the media and dealers over a 3-day event at the San Antonio AlamoDome, and the Gordinier Group was there to build and operate the off-road course.


If you aren’t familiar with Mahindra, they are an enormous ($19B), Indian company, who produces a large line of vehicles overseas as well as owning a large segment of big agriculture equipment abroad and in the US. The new Roxor will create a segment all its own – something between a side-by-side and a Jeep Wrangler. At first glance, the vehicle obviously has Wrangler visual cues (Mahindra has maintained license from Willy’s since the 1940’s to build this vehicle), but with its 2.5L turbo diesel motor, manual transmission and leaf-sprung suspension (and the fact that it’s not street legal in the US), the similarities end there. What it is, is a super fun and very capable off-road only vehicle that feels very durable, well-made, and appears to be able to chug through the ugliest of trails with ease (as well as being able to tow 3,490 lbs). It seems perfect for ranch or farm use and it would be great fun on difficult off-road trails such as Rubicon and Moab. You can read more about the Roxor below.


Dealers and media outlets converged in San Antonio, eager to learn about the Roxor and excited to get behind the wheel. GG operators built a course in the AlamoDome parking lot that both challenged the vehicle and driver, but was still able to throughput the several hundred amped dealers. As an added challenge for the course design, all Roxor test drive units had manual transmissions (as well as 2-speed transfer cases). This can sometimes be tricky when the public is driving. Luckily, the Roxor had so much low-end torque, it was easy for novice manual drivers to crawl over the boulder pile, log tilt, side hill, and other steep obstacles created for this unique test drive.


Mahindra Roxor info



2017 Toledo Assembly Complex (TAC) – Jeep Immersion


Gordinier Group teamed up with longtime partner George P. Johnson to deliver a 7-week program at TAC – the birthplace of the modern Jeep Wrangler.


In an effort to boost morale at the plant, the Jeep Immersion at TAC was designed to give employees an opportunity to grow their enthusiasm for the brand. Employees from each department in the plant spent a full day learning about Jeep history, participating in team-building activities and ultimately driving the vehicles that they build on a challenging off-road course.


Gordinier Group was charged with designing and constructing the off-road courses and providing drivers and safety spotters to operate them. We developed two courses – an extreme ‘Rubicon Only’ course that our drivers took passengers on as well as a ‘Trail Rated’ course that was driven by the employees with our spotters on hand to help them to navigate the course.

We came into this event with the experience earned last summer at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) Jeep Immersion under our belt. The timing and logistics of getting over 100 employees safely through both courses each day had been dialed in, and guests LOVED the experience. Participants used off-road driving lessons given by GG drivers on the Rubicon course to pilot their Wranglers through the Trail Rated course without incident.

Activating an event in Toledo at the home of the Wrangler was a special opportunity for our drivers, who are all die-hard Wrangler fans. It didn’t go unnoticed that just a few feet away, 2018 Wrangler JLs were rolling off of the line… Exciting times for Jeep fans!


Below you will dfin a couple of clips that appeared on local Toledo media sites:


Toledo Blade article and videos


ABC 13 article and video


WTOL 11 video


FCA blog article and video















2017 FCA Fleet Preview at Motor City Casino

June 5-7

l-dsc-0850Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles hosted 250 of its top fleet customers and others at its national fleet preview at the Motor City Casino in Detroit.

Attendees listened to a presentation of the lineup and were able to ride along in the vehicles with Gordinier Group drivers. This was a special opportunity – not only was the Camp Jeep mobile off-road course on site (stocked with new Jeep Compass), but there was also a street drive featuring rides in Dodge Hellcat Charger/Challenger, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and the rest of the FCA lineup. It’s not every day that event guests get to take a ride in vehicles boasting 707 horsepower (and 200+ mph top speed)!

Gordinier Group Product Specialists were also on tap to socialize the new Pacifica minivan and PHEV hybrid.

All in all, this was a fun event for both fleet guests and GG drivers alike.


* Images courtesy of FCA Media

Pacifica - FCA Fleet Preview

Pacifica – FCA Fleet Preview

Alfa Romeo Giulia - FCA Fleet Preview

Alfa Romeo Giulia – FCA Fleet Preview

Pacifica - FCA Fleet Preview

Pacifica – FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, staircase - FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, staircase – FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, staircase - FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, staircase – FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, Mtn - FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, Mtn – FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, breakover - FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, breakover – FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, Mtn - FCA Fleet Preview

Jeep Compass, Mtn – FCA Fleet Preview

FCA/UAW World Class Manufacturing Academy – JNAP Employee Jeep Immersion 2016

July 13- September 10 2016


In an effort to improve morale and productivity at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) in Detroit, MI , Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and UAW started a program to give employees a different perspective about the Jeep Brand. By inviting all plant employees to the FCA World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA).


All plant employees were invited to the FCA World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA), to spend the day partaking in team building activities. After spending time in a classroom setting, JNAP guests were brought outside and given the opportunity to drive the Jeep vehicles that they spend their days assembling.


The driving portion was divided into 3 groups – an on-road drive, a full lineup Jeep Trail-Rated off-road drive, and an extreme Jeep Rubicon off-road ride.

The off-road tracks were built by Gordinier Group/Dirt Designs and featured challenging obstacles for the Trial Rated track and downright severe features on the Rubicon track, which actually pushed the limits of the Rubicon Wrangler’s capability.




This program ran for 6 days/week and we were able to give all plant employees an opportunity to learn more about the vehicles that they build, not to mention learning a bit about proper off-road driving (from Gordinier Group drivers), and having a lot of fun and thrills along the way!


World of Concrete 2016 – International Truck HX Launch and Ride & Drive

1/30 – 2/2/16


IT - HXAlways up for a challenge, Gordinier Group was brought in on a very interesting ride & drive program for the launch of the HX series from International Truck. The HX is a heavy duty series of work trucks setting the standard in premium service vehicles.


One of the major selling points of this new line of trucks is the driver-centric design of the cab, with features such as an angled console, LED lighting, and DriverFirst cab suspension which gives a super plush and quiet ride.


It’s hard to tell the story of a cab like this without actually letting people experience it from behind the wheel, and that’s where the Gordinier Group was called in.


The vehicle was unveiled at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. Select dealers and media personnel were invited to a special showing offsite at a makeshift construction site. What guests didn’t know was that George P Johnson Company had staged a heist stunt with the trucks and the International execs were in on the stunt (see video below to see how it played out).


When the stunt was finished, Gordinier Group activated a truck test drive with the entire lineup, using an off-road construction site/course that was used in the stunt. This was a challenging proposition. With a large crowd of dealers and journalists who were very anxious to drive the trucks and very tight timeline, the test drive needed to run smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, many of the reporters had never driven heavy duty work trucks with manual transmissions.


The event went off without a hitch and the guests loved driving the new trucks. Successful commercial truck test drive  – check!



2014 Wal-Mart Shareholder’s Meeting

May 31 – June 6

Fayetteville, AR


Image courtesy of livedesignonline.com

Image courtesy of livedesignonline.com

Gordinier Group continues to be an integral part of the behind-the-scenes operation of the annual shareholder’s meeting for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

We are responsible for the layout and logistics for the Wal-Mart store chain food vendors who are represented at the event.

GG coordinates the infrastructure for this enormous event, including tenting, generated power/AC, vendor management, and event flow. this event takes us back to some of our original core skills from the original camp Jeep days.

Guests of the event packed University of Arkansas’ Bud Walton Arena, to catch performances by Pharrell, Robin Thicke, Sarah McLachlan, and Harry Connick Jr, among others. Rob Walton joined the meeting, announcing a $473 billion sales figure for 2014. Things are good at Wal-Mart.



2013 National Finals Rodeo – Ram, Las Vegas NV

December 12- 14, 2013

Track overview  - image courtesy of B. Bonnell

Track overview – image courtesy of B. Bonnell


The Gordinier Group Ram Truck Team saddled up at the MGM Grand Casino for the last weekend of the NFR.

Guests of the event were treated to a simulated off-road track built specifically for the full line of Ram trucks present at NFR. For the second year in a row, we were able to take over the MGM valet area, with GG pro drivers behind the wheel of a dozen of the hottest 2013/2014 Ram trucks.

The biggest news at the NFR was the introduction of the 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year: Ram 1500 EcoDiesel to the test ride track. This was our first chance to drive this revolutionary vehicle, as it has yet to be released to dealers. We are feeling pretty lucky, being able to offer the first public rides in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee and now the 2014 Ecodiesel Ram! Continue reading

Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting (2007 – present)

Gordinier Group continues to be part of the annual shareholders meeting for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. We are responsible for the layout and logistics for a particular section of the event as well as management of vendors for that area.


Services Provided:
  • Site layout
  • Site logistics
  • Management of various vendors
  • Tents
  • Generated power and AC
  • Assist in overall flow of site

Ford Centennial Celebration (2003)

The Ford Centennial Celebration was a once in a lifetime event that was open to the public to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Ford.


Gordinier Group partnered with J. Walter Thompson to provide a 4 day event that filled the 152-acre grounds of the Ford Motor Company Henry Ford II World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.


Gordinier Group produced the site layouts and design of the Ford property for the event areas. We were also responsible for budget estimates for all companies involved in the infrastructure of the event as well as coordinating all suppliers and divisions of Ford Motor Company that participated in the event.


Services Provided:
  • Site Layout & design
  • All necessary permitting
  • Coordinate all suppliers within infrastructure
  • Working with local municipalities for Security, EMT, traffic control
  • Tents
  • Power distribution, AC and lighting
  • Portable restrooms
  • Trash removal
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